fathergrunge commissions

đź‘»Welcome ghosts and ghoulsđź‘»

here you can find all of the info
you need on where to find me and
how to commission me.

Prices and Examples

Standard commissions:

  • Headshot: $10.00

  • Bust: $12.00

  • Bust Badge: $15-18

  • Halfbody: $25-35

  • Fullbody: $40-50

  • Customs: Ask for a quote

Toony commissions:

  • Toony headshot: $7.00

  • Toony Fullbody: $15-20

  • Wallpaper: $25

Terms of Service

  • Please consider what my art style looks like and read my T.O.S. in full before commissioning me. sadly i have to state this - please do not commission me if you do not like my art style

  • Be clear and specific about commission details when requesting - it is your responsibility to let me know exactly what you want up front

  • Must have a clear reference with accurate colors and markings

  • I have the right to decline any commission request for valid reasons

  • save your commission shortly after completion as i clear out my files often - after you acknowledge receiving your file i am no longer liable for it being saved

  • You may repost with credit - do not remove my watermark for any reason

  • payment must be received in full before i will finish your commission

  • if you go dark/ghost mid-commission process i will attempt contact 3 times before cancelling your commission altogether

  • art depicting gore and drug use may only be ordered by those who are 18+

  • I will only make minor changes after the sketch is completed

Will DrawWon't Draw
Gore (costs extra)humans
Feralcopyright characters
Fan Charactersclosed species
Creatureschild characters
Open Speciesprotogens/digital faces
Humanoids (Only toony)propaganda/hate

Fill Out Forms

Commission Form:

  • Commission Type:

  • References:

  • Specifics:

  • Personality Traits:

  • Extras (Gore, objects, etc.):

Custom Form:

  • species:

  • gender:

  • body type:

  • aesthetic:

  • colors:

  • any other specifics:


  • Character Reference:

  • 3 Expressions:

  • 3 Items:

  • Tall or Wide:

Please note for customs:

  • Price depends on specifics

  • No humans

  • full outfits cost extra

  • no closed or semi-closed species

  • no copyright species like pokemon

  • can be a redesign of existing character you own

  • no copycats of other people's characters or copyright characters